Get to know the students involved in this Conservation Science module a little better!

Marcus Ng (2O3)

I am a student from the Ortus Consortium (A little 'U dun say'), going into Secondary 3 next year (Very 'U dun say'). I am a student that is extremely interested in the humanities, be it geography or history. I am a voracious reader; but most importantly, I'm extremely interested in sleeping XD. Hopefully , through Conservation Week, I develop a deeper insight to the arts of conservation and restoration; I also hope to discover more about my roots and lastly, understand about the importance of conservation in a rapidly urbanizing metropolitan city such as Singapore.

Tan Zhong Chen (2O1)

I am a student from the Ortus Consortium, going into Secondary 3 next year. I am extremely interested in the humanities, and have applied to be in the Humanities Programme in Hwa Chong next year. I do hope to learn a lot more about conservation and restoration; I went for the 20th Hwa Chong Humanities Seminar Series which was also about heritage conservation (and was what piqued my interest in conservation), and hope to learn a lot more about it through this module.

Aloysius Tay (1O3)

I am a student, also from Ortus Consortium, who is progressing to secondary 2 next year. Being a person who is interested in the sciences and humanities, I took up this course along with the opportunity to guide at the maritime museum (experience uploaded). This is both a great opportunity to learn and test my skills and through this programme, I would also like to have a chance to meet the experts and learn from them as much as possible. Thank you.

Yu Hao (1O2)

1 year just passed, I am progressing to sec 2 next year. Being interested in Biology and History, I am one of those strange people who have interest in both. Through the Conservation week, I hope to learn more about the History, which would help me in the subject and also, just to know the knowledge. To be able to conserve in such a rapidly urbanising city would be hard, but knowing how would be my expectations for this program.