Day 3 - Activities at the NUS Museum with Mr Lawrence Chin:

  • Tour of the Ng Eng Teng Collection and the "Conservation Corridor" (depicting the process of saving a mural from Garden Hotel)

  • Hands-on paint analysis on samples taken from our very own Kuo Chuan House

Reflections by Yu Hao (1O2)

We have learnt a great deal from the museum visit. Mr Ng Eng Teng, also known as the Grandfather of Singapore Sculpture, is an artist, painter and sculptor. Mr Ng, who has displayed his sculpting talent since young, made many sculptures related to nudity and freedom. An example would be the Freedom Child and the Red Face.


And here are some pictures of his works, such as, sculptures, pottery and paintings.


After we viewed the displays, we proceeded on to view a few paintings under ultra-violet lights, where we could see the difference in the paint, touch-ups, etc. With this, we learnt how to observe strange things in a painting, and how it came about.

Lastly, we observed the paint samples we collected a week ago, in a cube of wax under the microscope.

1) We make a hole in the wax cube.

2) Stick a paint sample into the cube and then cut off corners of the cube before putting the cube into a small paper box.

3) Then, we melted the cube of wax, and waited for it to dry, so that the paint sample is secured for viewing under the microscope.

4) DONE!!!