Day 3!

Hi! This is Aloysius here. On this page, I will share about my experience at the Maritime Museum as a guide there. However, my opinion is subjective to the guides' point, so others may share about their experiences of being guided.

The Beginning:

I have been assigned the task of being a guide at the maritime museum on Day 3 by recommendation of my sabbatical's teacher-in-charge, who was the one who rolled out this challenge of having Young Navigators (from the sabbatical itself) to push their limits in this challenge of guiding nearly the entire museum. What had reassured me was that I was just guiding seniors, not the public itself, so that helped me to alleviate my fears of public speaking. After confirming the participants, Jerome and I, the two guides for the day chose to pick one level of the museum each, Jerome taking the top floor while having me taking the basement level.

The Day:

The day had come for me to have my third experience of guiding others (the first and second were during the sabbatical itself) and there was a lot of pressure on Jerome and me.However, judging by the amount of time we had to prepare for our "presentation", the both of us calmed ourselves down and went ahead with confidence. The result: a successful tour (one of the most successful so far). From the tour, we had learnt about the way we should manage time in order to carry out a task efficiently, also a key skill which we needed to complete tasks in this programme itself.

In conclusion, the guiding experience at the Maritime Museum had been an enriching one. Being our first time guiding one level each, we had to overcome our fear of the unknown. Thus, Jerome chose to prepare for then entire tour itself while I chose to do it impromptu as I was not confident of reading from notes. Though nerve-wreaking, the processwas enjoyable, so was the result.


Hi there! My name is Joel Wong and I will be sharing my experiences at the newly built museum at Resorts World Sentosa as a first-time visitor!

In the museum, there were tons of artefacts, both man-made and legitimate ones on display, depicting the lives of traders at different ports in South-east Asia, and the voyage of Admiral Zheng He. We were guided through the museum by two awesome guides, Aloysius and Jerome. They were very clear in their explanations and explained to us about the common things used by traders and the ships' crew in the past. I learnt a lot about the history of South-east Asian ports and how they were important to the lives of people then. There were also many interative exhibits such as games and "camwhore" stations where we could dress up as sailors from the past!

We also visited the Typhoon Theatre which allowed us to experience a ship caught in a massive typhoon. The experience was just like reality and it was intimidating, as the seats kept vibrating and were moving downwards as the ship was sinking! Really awesome, a must-try!

Furthermore, we also saw real artefacts from shipwrecks and learnt about how these artefacts were conserved. For example, the artefacts that are covered with marine-life would be left as it is to ensure the authenticity of the artefacts.

Overall, the experience of touring the museum was a fun and enriching one. It was beneficial for me to learn about the rich history of our neighbouring ports and it was fun experiencing the typhoon. Everyone should check out the maritime museum and the typhoon theatre as well!